HMHS Rohilla
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St. John Ambulance Brigade

Service Report - Part Three


Report Of Cases In Wrecked Hospital Ship “Rohilla”

1 to 4
Bodies washed ashore at 6am artificial reputation under lifeboat House and on beach for 45 minutes. Dr. Penn with the brigade – Unsuccessful.

Swimmer rescued and brought ashore by brigade - Sgt. C. H. Hood and Ambulance Candidate Wilfred Harrison. First Aid treatment and removed to hospital. Brigade in sole charge.

Artificial respiration on body washed ashore Sgt. C. H. Hood under the direction of Dr. Mitchell ????. Unsuccessful. 40 minutes.

Treated for shock and Collapse First aid treatment. Removed to hospital. Sergeant W. R. Knaggs in charge - Recovered.

Body recovered, Dead Removed to mortuary.

Swimmers rescued by Coastguard and bought up Cliff Ladder. First aid treatment. Dr. Mitchell. Removed in Motor to hospital. Nurse Phillips and Brigade Sec. C. H. Hood

S.B.S Shute, who died in board. Body recovered and removed to mortuary. Members of brigade.

11 – 12
Recovered bodies. Removed to mortuary. Worked by headlight in the dark.

13 - 23
Eleven swimmers recovered from sea and conveyed to emergency hospital (Miss Agar’s hut Saltwick) Received general - first aid treatment and had surface wounds and bruises dressed. Sergeant W.R. Knaggs in charge in Whitby side of Scaur, with Dr. Mitchell + Divisional Brigade - Sgt. C. H. Hood in charge at Saltwick and of Scaur, with Nurses Birch and Mackenzie. Removed in stretchers up side of cliff, and hence by motor to hospital and Private Houses. Recovered.

Serious case of collapse. Artificial respiration and first aid treatment Nurse Mackenzie in charge. Removed in stretcher and improvised bed on Motor Transport. Stretcher squad in attendance. Recovered after four hours treatment.

25 – 27
Bodies recovered and conveyed to Saltwick, afterwards removed on stretchers to mortuary - distance two miles.

28 to 30
Artificial respiration and first aid treatment under Dr. Mitchell + Donaldson + Sgt W.R. Knaggs in charge. Removed to hospital and recovered.

31 – 34
Bodies washed ashore. Artificial respiration applied, but no result. Removed to mortuary.

35 + 36
Two men, who came ashore on raft, two miles away almost when recovered, but collapsed. Artificial respiration by Juniors - unsuccessful. Nurse Birch in charge. Bodies removed to mortuary.

Swimmers rescued and treated conveyed to Dr. Burton’s house - collapsed on the way. Artificial respiration for five hours. Dr. Burton + Mitchell and member of the brigade.

38 – 42
Swimmers recovered and treated for immersion and shock. Removed to private houses. Recovered.

42 - 47
Bodies recovered. Artificial respiration in three cases. Unsuccessful. Removed to mortuary. Doctors in charge. One case broken neck.

Also 50 survivors met on arrival from lifeboat. One case of dislocation and fracture of humerous. Arm strapped to body with triangular bandage. Removed by motor to hospital, and put to bed. Afterwards healed by doctors. Hon. Sgt. C. H. Hood and voluntary help. All others conveyed to private houses. Minor wounds and bruises treated all recovered.

Signed WR Knaggs, Sergeant in charge C. H. Hood, Hon. Sgt + Secretary Marine Cafe Whitby.

This most fascinating report represents a true insight from those on the ground at the time of the Rohilla's loss, use the following links to access the other pages.

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