HMHS Rohilla
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90th Anniversary Commemoration

Gallery One

The 90th anniversary of the loss of the Rohilla was undoubtedly a milestone and to be part of the commemoration event to mark one of the most dramatic sea rescues was something I will cherish. It was a well attended event which went off with without any problems. With members of both Scarborough and Whitby mobile coastguard crews in attendance and also both lifeboat crews it was a fitting tribute to all those involved in the hospital ships loss. Following the original dedication page about the 90th anniversary event I am pleased to be able to present the first of three gallery pages.

A Quiet Time To Think

A solemn moment during the ceremony

A Generous Crowd

The event was blessed with a large crowd.

Four Worthy Wreaths

Decorative wreaths, in RNLI and BISNC colours.


A selected group of lifeboat volunteers.

A past lifeboat crewman

One of the dignitaries, an ex lifeboat crewman.

Past and Present RNLI Crew

Members of Whitby Lifeboat crew past and present.

Coxswain Robert Smith Family Members

Family members of the Tynemouth Coxswain Robert Smith

The ceremony to mark the 90th Anniversary Commemoration of the Rohilla's was an emotional one and with the large gathering it is deserving of the gallery pages, which can accessed using the following links.

Gallery One Gallery Two Gallery Three

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