Craven's Part in the Great War
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Article Date: 02 April 1915

Courtesy of Craven's Part in the Great War


Sergeant Arthur Petty, Bracewell Street, married, one child.

Corporal M. Birtwhistle, 19 Clifford Street, married, one child.

Corporal W.J. Daly, 32 Westgate, married, six children.

Private H. Barter, 41 Skipton Road, married, no children.

Private Tom Petty, 11 Coronation Street, married, three children.

Private Tom Horsfield, 33 Heather View, married, seven children.

Private Walter Horsfield, 7 Essex Street, single.

Private Alfred Elsworth, 32 Wellington Street, single.

Private J.T. Pickles, Federation Street, married, one child.

Private H. Hodkinson, 14 Bank Street, single.

Private W. Anderson, 20 School Terrace, single.

Private T. Dunkley, 9 Bairstow Street, married, one child.

The above all resided at Barnoldswick, being members of the local branch of the St. John Ambulance Association, who were drowned when the 'Rohilla,' a hospital ship on which they were serving as member of the Naval Sick Berth Reserve, went ashore at Whitby.

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