HMHS Rohilla
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Vessel Specifications

The Rohilla was built as Ship Number 381 as a cargo ship for the British India Steam Navigation Company. She was launched on the 6th September 1906 and delivered to her new owners on the 17th November of that same year. The contract price for the vessel was £213, 741:0:0 and the builders made a loss of £16,440:0:0 on the build.

The following information for Rohilla is held with the Lloyds Register.

Number In Book 685
Official Number 124149
Code Letters HJQK
Material, Rig Etc Steel Twin Screw Steamer
Master Captain David Landles Neilson
Number Of Decks 3 Decks - Mild Steel, Part Teak With Eight Watertight Bulkheads
Special Surveys Electrical, Light Wireless
Registered Tonnage 7409 tons
Gross 5588 tons
Under Deck 4240
Particulars of Classification
Special Survey January 1910
Port Of Survey Southampton
Equipment Letter C?
When 1906
Ship 11mo
By Whom Harland & Wolff, Ld, Belfast, Ireland
Owner British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd
Registered Dimensions
Length 460.3ft
Breadth 56.3ft
Depth 30.6ft
P&B358’P62’ FK&BK2 f167’ 1105tFPT  
Port of Registry Glasgow
Flag British
8BH Cem  
50t APT58t  
Number And Diameter Of Cylinders Eight Quadruple Cylinder Engines - 27”, 38.5”, 55.5”, 80
Stroke 54”
Boiler Pressure HS21894
Horse Power 1484NHP
Particulars Of Boilers & Furnaces 3D&3SB< 27cf, GS527, FD
Engine Maker Harland & Wolff, Ld, Belfast, Ireland
Moulded Depth 33,8
Registers In Which Classed If Not L.R Date of Board of Trade Cert: BT till 6,14

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