Craven's Part in the Great War
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Article Date:: 05 February 1915

Courtesy of Craven's Part in the Great War

Cr. Brown asked as to the outcome of the deputation appointed to meet representatives of the Conservative Club with regard to the proposal to establish a fund for the relief of dependents of the 'Rohilla' victims. The Conservatives were anxious to dispose of the money collected, he added.

The amount involved is about £11, which it was suggested some time ago should go to form the nucleus of a public fund to be vested in the Council.

Cr. Patten replied that he and Cr. Slater met the committee of the club and reported the result of the interview to the local Distress Committee as instructed. So far as he knew the latter had done nothing further in the matter.

The Clerk said the Distress Committee would meet this (Friday) night, when the question would very likely be brought forward.

Cr. Maude: "Did they make any recommendation?"

Cr. Patten: "No, we simply reported the position of things as we found them."

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