HMHS Rohilla
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Rohilla Wreckage One

There are two periods during the year in March and September known respectively as the Vernal and Autumnal equinox when the tidal range produces 'higher highs' and 'lower low 'tides. Some years ago during the Vernal equinox in March, I made my way down to the rock scar at a point just short of Saltwick Nab, Whitby in search of anything that might still show above the water. It is surprising that even with the passage of time people still sometimes ask what remains of the wrecked hospital ship Rohilla, these images show how little remains of this once proud liner.

The Work Begins
Yet More Volunteering
Very Little Remains
The Inshore and Workshop Area
Where To Start
The Empty Inshore Trailer

These photographs above show just a handful of images of the plating from the Rohilla's double bottom yet still deserving of its place here in my gallery pages, a second   selection of photographs can accessed using the following link.

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