HMHS Rohilla
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90th Anniversary Commemoration

Gallery Two

Having created the first gallery page I realised that I had more to add and have therefore added this second page to mark the 90th anniversary of the loss of the Rohilla and one of the most dramatic sea rescues ever to take place off the Yorkshire coast. It was the perfect to pay tribute to the RNLI lifeboat men who battered through colossal seas to rescue those trapped aboard the stranded vessel.

Approaching The Scene of the Wreck

The Mary Ann Hepworth approaches the scene of the wreck.

The Sea Service Begins

The ceremony at sea begins over the wreck.

The Wreath Laying Begins

John Cummins begins the wreath laying.

John Cummin's Personal Tribute

John Cummins, is related to the Henry Vernon's mechanic Thomas.

Dave Mitchells Personal Tribute

Ex BISNC employee Dave Mitchell lays his wreath.

My Own Tribute

I was the last to lay my own tribute.

The Wreaths On Display

The wreaths situated beside the bandstand, the first two (left) on behalf of the RNLI, Dave Mitchell's BISNC flag wreath, my own small tribute and the last for the Henry Vernon's crew.

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