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90th Anniversary Commemoration

Gallery Three

This is the third gallery page for the commemoration celebration held in October 2004. As the most dramatic rescues to have occurred off the Yorkshire coast the service of commemoration was an eventful day enjoyed by a large number of people. The weather had been poor throughout the preceding week, but thankfully dry and bright even if a little chilly.

Pleasant Sea Conditions

The sea conditions on the day could not have been better.

A New Coxswain

The wreaths being laid was a solemn moment for all.

A Royal Arrival

The former Whitby lifeboat standing off the wreaths.

Wreaths and Flowers

Wreaths and flowers mark the sad location.

The Mary Ann Hepworth

The Mary Ann Hepworth.

The Late Richard Sefton

Saltwick Nab can be seen clearly in the background.

The Royal Seal

The Mary Ann Hepworth begins its return to the safe confines of harbour.

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