My thanks to the following for the help in the preparation of this book

    Mr. Pearsill, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
    Mr. G. Sills, Assistant Treasury Solicitor.
    Mr. P. R. Meldrum, Public Record Office,Kew.
    Mr. M. Y. Ashcroft, M. A. North Yorkshire County Archivist.
    Mr. C. Murphy, Department of Trade Marine Library.
    Mr. D. T. Warren, General Register of Seaman, Cardiff.
    Mr. D. Culley, General Register of Seaman, Cardiff.
    Mr. M. D. Barr – Hamilton, National Maritime Museum.
    Mrs. E. Coates, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.
    Mr. J. Hegarty, Map Room, National Library of Scotland.
    Mr. Anthoney P. Sherman, City Librarian, Edinburgh.
    Mr. Micheal J. Oliver, North Yorkshire Library, Whitby.
    Mr. E. F. Catford.
    Mr. Eric Thomson, Honorary Curator, R.N.L.I. Museum.
    Mr. Will Dryden, R.N.L.I. Museum, West Pier Whitby.
    Whitby Coastguard Station.
    Mr. J. Oliver, North Yorkshire Library, Whitby.
    Map Room, British Museum.
    Barnoldswick Library.
    Barnoldswick Branch, St. john's Ambulance Brigade.
    Mrs. Vera Gorton.
    Mr. Gordon Birtwistle.
    Mr. Ernest Anderson.
    Miss. Mary Anderson.
    Mr. Ronald Petty.
    Mr. Ernest Hodkinson.
    Lt. Com. George Read R.N.
    Bosun Derek Belsen.
    H.M.S. Pembroke.
    Chatham Dockyard.
    Caricature by Tim Feltham.
    Mrs. Srarah Waterworth.
    Mrs. Dorothy Adamson.
    Mr. Maurice Daly.
    Mr. J.P. Thomson.
    Mr. Arthur Green.
    Mrs. Hazel Rohilla Wilson.
    The Whitby Gazette.
    The Craven Herald.
    The Scarborough Post.
    The Times.
    The Edingburgh Evening News.
    The Scotsman.
    "Gleanings of Edwardian Yorkshire." I. Dewhurst.
    Dr. Brehmer Heald's papers.
    Whitby S.J.A.B. Occurence Book.
    Barnoldswick U.D.C. Minutes and Rate Books.
    Whitby Lifeboat Reports.
    Barnoldswick Street Directory, 1914.
    Craven's Part in the Great War.
    The England.
    Harold Duxbury.
    Percy Heald.
    Gladys and Bert Collins.
    Sheila Wilson.
    Muriel Daly.
    Mary Upward.
    Ossie Preston.
    Robert J. Ellinson.

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