There were some rewards:

The Gold Medal of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the highest honour the Instituate could award, was presented to Coxswain Thomas Langlands, Coxswain Robert Smith and Captain H.E. Burton, R.E.

The Silver Medal, the R.N.L.I’s second highest honour, was bestowed on Second Coxswain Richard Eglon, Second Coxswain James Brownlee, Lieutenant Brazil Hall, R.N. and George Peart, who also received £10.

Lloyd’s Agent, Captain John Milburn, received a letter of thanks and a pair of binoculars.

Whitby Police received £10 from the R.N.L.I. and £25 from the owners of the Rohilla.

The crews of the lifeboats, John Fielden and Henry Vernon got extra payments ranging from £1 to £2 – 12s – 6d.

Various other people got letters of thanks.

Honorary Secretary and Sergeant C.H. Hood ruefully recorded in the occurrence book: “Whitby St. John’s Ambulance Brigade who did the work have officially receive nothing . . . such as life!”.

Captain David Landles Neilson was awarded the Bronze Medal for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals . . . for saving the ship’s cat.

Coxswain Robert Smith became one of the most famous lifeboat skippers in the country. He died on 30, October, 1927, thirteen years after the Rohilla was wrecked.

Captain Burton won many more medals and in World War II was one of the first recipients of the George Cross.

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