Buck Eastwood

Buck Eastwood, was covered in bruises after he had attempted to swim for the shore with Harry Barter and William Anderson. He did not know that they had failed to reach safety.

Like many of the men clustered in the vicinity of the bridge and chatroom, he was still dressed in night clothes.

The captain shared out the contents of his wardrobe among those most in need and one received the full dress uniform of a Captain of the British India Line which caused considerable amusement in spite of their situation.

Nobody felt hungry but thirst was a problem. It was over forty hours since the last of the food and water had been shared out. Some of the men split pieces of wood and sucked the moisture out of the thin silvers which helped a little. A solitary cigarette was found and passed round, the Captain taking the last draw.

Firemen from the Engine Room had clambered into the rigging on Friday morning. Some tied their wrists to the ropes. One died, either from exposure or heart failure, and his body remained hanging there.

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