Albert Elsworth

Albert Elsworth was one of the ten Barnoldswick men who died in the first onrush of water after the ship struck the Scar. He was single and up to his call – up, lived in his parents’ home at 32, Wellington Street. As was the common custom at the time of his birth, he was named after his father and baptized at the Bethesda Chapel.

The currents around Saltwick Nab carried wreckage westward, past Whitby's two piers and on to Sand send two miles away. Albert's uncle Tom went to Whitby to seek news of his missing nephew. He walked along the beach to Sandsend in the forlorn hope of finding something, although he had no idea what he was looking for. He saw a small wooden box washed up at the water’s edge and on opening the lid saw the name A.C. Elsworth painted inside. It contained a few small personal belongings and a snapshot of his friend William Daly, whose daughter Elizabeth was at that moment also searching on the beach.

A similar box was found by Tom Petty’s brothers, Walter and Ellison. They arrived in Whitby late on Friday evening and asked the first person they met if he knew where they could find accommodation. It was Mr. Clough, Chairman of Whitby Council, and he put them up in his own house without payment. It was typical of the generosity of many of the local residents and the beginning of the life – long friendship.

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