Hannah Jane Midwood and John Chapman Robinson spent the morning of their wedding day down on The Scar, helping with the rescue work. Hannah took off her coat and stood at the water’s edge waving it above her head to guide swimmers to a safe landing. When the John Fielden returned with its first loa she gave the coat to one of the nurses who was shivering with cold.

St Mary's Church

When Fred Reddiough was brought ashore on the second trip Hannah gently held him n a rock as Dr. Mitchell amputated his damaged toe.

She was still on The Scar at noon, when the Vicar reminded her she was to be married at three o’clock.

The bride arrived on time at St. Mary’s Church high on the East Cliff, in spite of the coach having to stop several times on the narrow streets to allow stretcher bearers to pass their way to the hospital or the temporary mortuary in the Lifeboat House.

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