The Whitby Branch of St. John’s Ambulance Brigade was called out at 5 a.m. The Branch had only been formed a month before and there were not enough uniforms for everyone although they had a plentiful supply of Red Cross armbands, and St. John Brigade coat badges. Dr. G.B. Mitchell, a local G.P. was Divisional Surgeon in charge. The Honorary Secretary and Sergeant was Mr C.H. Hood who started the first major report in the Branch’s new Occurrence Book with the entry:

Wreck of the Hospital Ship “Rohilla”

St. John Ambulance Brigade

The St. John Ambulance Brigade was revise as a modern foundation in 1830 and given a Royal Charter in 1898. At the beginning of the First World War in conjunction with The British Red Cross Society they set about the task of providing ambulance services and first aid instruction on a huge scale. They rendered invaluable assistance during both World Wars and have continued to do so far for civil purposes ever since.

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