Anthony Waterworth

Anthony Waterworth was almost washed overboard three times before he reached the comparative safety of the Boat Deck. He recovered his breath then cautiously moved forward till he reached one of the lifeboats. He stayed in its shelter for a time, then he saw Fred Reddiough. Together they went forward to the Wireless Cabin where they remained until daylight.

Anthony was 27 years old and was seventh down the line of ten children. His father was always known as “Tom – a – Bella’s”. By – names were very common in Yorkshire up to the turn of the century and it was usual to link a child’s name with that of a mother or father. Bella Waterworth was Barnoldswick’s midwife for many years.

The family were members of the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Station Road. They lived un North View Terrace and Anthony was a taper in a cotton mill.

Having just come off duty at 4 o’clock, he was still fully dressed when the first impact came and able to leave the cabin quickly.


He did not know what had happened to the others.

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